March 16, 2015

Taking a deep breath - Monday post

If you would have sat next to me by the river today, I would have told you that I was home last week. I would have told you that I took a good deep breath for five days. 
So slow and quiet that I almost forgot what it felt like to be out of breath. I meet only very  few precious people and everyday I had my dearest Mara´s softest ears to stroke. 

If you would have sat next to me, I would have told you that I don´t feel ready to move on, that I am scared to leave the most wonderful circle of friends behind. Friends I have come to call my family.

I would have told you that I don´t feel ready to leave studying behind and move on into the serious world of working professionals. So not ready.
I basically feel like I am still playing and all the others have figured it out already.

I would have also told you that I am excited-scared about the new projects at my doorstep. Ideas which just wait to be attended to as soon as I am in Stuttgart. 

I would have shared with you about the beauty of my home, my family, my place. It felt like walking in fairy land this one morning as the heavy mist crawled away and the sun turned the cold blues to golden browns.
So then, come along for a walk across the grounds where I grew up. 

I also felt that today is the last legitimate day to share these cold morning-still-coverd-in-frost images.  Today it was a lovely 17°degrees in Würzburg. Spring is coming dear friends!

Thanks to Valeria for helping out with the images :)

Grazie a te Valeria per auitarmi con le foto :)

Have a wonderful  new week.
Tantissimi Saluti.

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