March 2, 2015

Lyon in Winter, A bit of France - Personal

We were on the way back to Germany after the winter holiday in the south of Spain. On the highway, overcome by the prospect of entering into the cold-grey and into the week of work, decided on the shortest of notices to make a pit stop at Lyon. This then turned into two days of happy France bliss. Walks during the day time and incredible good food as soon as the cold drove us into one of the tiny gourmet places. 

ENjoy these lovely peeks into my two days in Lyon. 

The famous wall paintings.

... and old wooden doors.

And then this beauty: Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière

Let´s just say... it snow-rained a lot, but oh, it made for some wonderful pictures.

Dear Lyon, you have captured my passionate heart and I am seriously considering picking up to study French, just so I have an excuse to move there. ;)

Have a lovely new week!

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