March 30, 2015

Moving South - Monday Post

After having helped moving me for the tenth time my father had advised me that for the next time all my boxes and stuff needed help I should find myself a handful of strong guys to carry everything. So... this is what I did as the next move came around. My roomy Steffi ( not a guy though) and a wonderful selection of  strong-armed friends helped me with incredible ease to make this move as smooth and effortless as I could never have imagined it.

Thursday I had rented a small moving van for the very first time and we carried my beloved stuff four floors downstairs.  (Why do I have to live so far upstairs in building which lack an elevator?!?!) Anyway here come my do´s and don't´s if you should ever want my advice for moving ;)

Dont´s in moving week:
- relapsing into reading old newspaper articles while packing the cups and glasses
- focusing on things which I will miss (instead looking ahead)

Do´s in the moving week:
- eat  a praline every finished box while packing
- rent an affordable student van via car sharing (seriously if you live in Germany check out !! you can rent it with or without a student card) 
- take Steffi to hold my hand while I drove the moving van for the first time
- accept kind encouragement from the guys about my driving skills ;)
- buy tons of pizza for all the helpers
- cook a Thank you meal two days later as an excuse to stay a little longer in Würzburg
- listen to happy music to get up (best soundtrack recommendation: Guardians of the Galaxy)
- nothing like getting up to words like: Ooga-chaka ooga-ooga

From my instagram:

Here is to small steps and helpers along the road of new adventures!

Happy new week to y`all!

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