March 5, 2015

Portraits with Miracle

Everything was solid frozen and the trains where rattling on underneath us.
At 6am I was not quite sure where this idea had come from and as we where finally standing on the bridge I doubted that it was even the slightest of a good idea. The sun was somewhat reluctant to make itself seen and my feet where forming into big ice cubes well before we started shooting. I had underestimated the magic of a sunrise shoot in winter. Who would have thought it would be somewhat different from the sunrise glory in summer? hahahah...

Sometimes (actually often) as a photographer you simply have to rock with what you have. So we watched the dark grey sky turn into light grey and had a pretty wonderful time. 

If you have been around on the Blog for some time, you will know that I have a heart for international students. As in, big times. Miracle was in Würzurg for a short semester and I am incredibly thankful we became friends. Thank you for a fun time this one cold morning, for making it all look easy while freezing and all the other wonderful days! ;)
Be safe on your journey!

Enjoy my favourites of this misty morning.

Usually I am not so much a dusty, blur kinda girl...  but I like this one ;)

Have a wonderful Thursday!


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