December 21, 2015

Monday Post - Christmas Market - Sommerhausen

It was a glorious illusion to think I would have tons of free days come November. I thought I would have time to travel, dip my feet in sand... you know write poetry. ;) 
The artsy things. Instead I decided to take an occasional day and visit friends. Share the hours and forget about work every now and then.

After having shot my last winter wedding last Saturday (yay!!) I decided to hang out one more day in Würzburg & visit a local village christmas market. Now let me tell you, this precious market is truly a gem! It is a picturesque place where the "market" is inside of people´s houses and gardens. Many people open their front doors and you can taste all kinds of local goodies.

come along.

Really loved the lanterns. 

And a German post bike for decoration. 

By the way, I think today is the most beautiful Monday ever! All editing is done, I get to Blog as much as I wish, listen to Jamaram´s christmas calendar & pepare the events of this week with all imaginable tranquility. 
What are you up to today?

Find the tiny christmas place here.

Have a glorious Monday!

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