December 29, 2015

Valencia - My Winter Travel - Part I

Valencia - My Winter Travel - Part I

Last Christmas I ... (uhm this sentence will end different than you expect) ... traveled to the south of Spain. As some of you well know, I love the south and have not been in Spain since the introduction of the euro. This seemed like a good enough reason to have a small escape. 

We found a cute apartment right next to the famous market of Valencia (Mercat Central de Valencia) and with that in the very heart of this wonderful city.

Come along for a couple of my favourite glimpses of Valencia.

The market´s roof & unique architecture.

A side effect of having a house so close to this kind of food paradise is, that you might go there on a daily basis... Just a thought. ;)
 If you are a lover of architecture you totally have to visit this place! It is insane how dense outstanding modern & historical buildings are sprinkled across this town.
We took an entire day to tour the Ciutat de las Arts, les Ciencies, which is the city of art and sciences, where each museum trumps the next one.

The light was so friggin´ awesome I wanted to cry. If you are interested in shooting there with me drop me a line in my mail box ;)

We visited the sea side daily.

Marina building 

 City impressions

 Mint chairs com´on!

 Touring some more at night


And christmas ornaments the Spanish way.
One day trip to Onda a tiny place with a humongous ancient castello which was unfortunately closed.
So I photographed cute streets instead.
 Aaand finally my very favourite shop of Valencia!

Find it in the Carrer dels Coaxers, very close to the incredible food market.

This is Marta, she was the sweetest!

Have the most wonderful Tuesday!

Find the link to the market: Mercat Central De Valencia here
the city of museums here
the cute city of Onda with a castello here
and the online home of my favourite shop here.


  1. Beautiful shots! i loved each picture you posted honey! my names emma and i love your blogs. my fav pic is the one in which you are having a bright smile on your face :)

  2. Spain is one of the beautiful countries with sea in the world. I always dream to visit spain. These pics are now making me crazy to plan a trip as soon as possible. I am sure you would have enjoyed your trip to the valencia. This is a cool and beautiful place.