December 15, 2015

Our Thanksgiving

This post comes a tad later than planned since I spent all of last week in bed. No screens, no books, no nothing. Rarely had I ever so much rest & sleep than last week.

So here comes our cozy Thanksgiving. We gathered with a bunch of friends. And here is what happened.
 And yes this involves rosemary. 

For the last days I often struggled with this feeling of being stuck. With longing to be somewhere else again. And tonight I had this immense gift of sharing a feast with a cute circle of friends. The guys made the turkey and the girls all the yummy side dishes. As we all told our little stories of gratefulness I was touched! By all the good things. How tender The Lord speaks to my heart and how I was in a room of precious people and felt that this is where I am content with. I love that there is a day for gratefulness. Even if I think it really should be a daily attitude I still think it is a splendid idea. 

 " this is the day The Lord has made ... the joy in The Lord is our strength" - Nehemiah 8,10 

Here is to gratefulness dear friends! 

 Thank y´all!! 
So happy we had a Texan among us & for the wonderful styling by Anna (ok I could not resist to help a bit).

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