December 22, 2015

My lil´Christmas Joy - DIY alla Rici

I hope you don´t mind, but this week it will get very christmasy on the Blog.
Jan and his family are already of to visit their family. I have the studio all to myself. I get to do some slow walking, loud singing and sharing a bit of my behind the scenes from my snug apartment.

I don´t quite know why but this winter season is about the quietest I have ever had in the longest while. It could be that I did not yet arrive here and do not have multiple circle of friends to meet and checklists to fill. Or it is the fact that this year we decided to do just one gift for each one of our cozy circle. Each one will get one secret santa present. And then we will simply delight in the company of each other and more importantly in His presence. I am very much looking forward to a small circle of family & friends. A tradition I totally and completely adore about my family is the fact that it is never (ever) to crowded in our home to welcome a guest. This year we will have an exchange student from a small island with us. And ya´ll know how much I love international students. Hihi.

So here is a glimpse into what felt a lot like Rici´s secret santa workshop:

Since our ceiling lights are really not any thing close to photogenic, I generously decided to cover them in a good amount of gold ribbons, greenery from some wood not to far and a couple of golden ornaments.

May I introduce? Our wall tree. Or tree wall. However you wish.

 My desk and my favourite french bulldog, nerd outfit card.

 Drawing another day. I cannot share it all yet. 
But let me know if you wish to see the whole project. 

Have a very creative Tuesday!! 

You can find the 
Christmas ornaments here , the red velvet ribbon here, the twine is from Valencia´s cutest shop here.

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