June 3, 2012

Sunday´s are for …
Walking into the kitchen and finding flowers on the table. On a grey day. Don´t you just looove it when that happens?

Some things I am very thankful for this week:

…a meal cooked and packed away from my roomy for me. On a day I walked hungry into the kitchen and really did not want to cook.

…words which I meant to write to someone and they finally found their way to the paper in front of me.

… a good friend who asked me to Skype. Oh dear international world.

... the little velvet coat on the lavender.

… for the  6.000 visitors mark being cracked this week… on my Blog! HELLO! That is sooo amazing! 

 … for all the clicks and visitors on my blog since November. Thank you!!

… the patient father who is trying out nail polish with his ten year old daughter, four nails of his in five different colors. Nothing like father-daughter-love.

… sweet roasted almonds.

… stumbling across new photography tricks. For example how to add a little lens blur in bright sunlight.

Have a wonderful new week!!

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