June 7, 2012

San Galgano

I honestly do enjoy going by train to Germany. Usually I occupy a nice six seat cabin. I have some quiet space to read, answer mails, turn the music up, dance around, do squats, lie down and watch a film and have a really productive editing/writing time. It´s basically like a moving office in which I don´t get bus sick and I admit there are cute controllers.

Here is today’s travel wisdom from Rici:
Always schedule an extra day to get out of Italy. It always rains in Austria when I pass (no exception so far… and I passed through there a LOT).

… and now enough from me. Let´s get down to some new pictures.

Today´s pictures where captured at San Galgano, Tuscany. The ancient, roofless cathedral is one of the most romantic wedding sights around. And let me just add, as the singing started it did not just echo in the cathedral but was carried across the fields which surround the abbey.

Saluti from on-the-road and I wish you a wonderful Thursday.


  1. I think you are very enjoyed in this days. You have got some really inspiring photographs there. I really like all of them keep it up.

  2. Thank you for your kind words!!