June 22, 2012

One good reason never to leave Tuscany again would be the guests. And let me tell you I LOVE having guests. It seems everybody would love to come and visit to breathe in some southern air, tan a little in the sun and inhale this rhythm of life. During the last four days I had the luxury of having four Italian wheels under my bud and be able to witness a new freedom. To drive and stop where ever it pleased my heart. Really? The addition of a car would be perfection. But me on these wheels in the marvelous Tuscan country side… me on four wheels, during sunset and golden hour… saying it was dangerous would put it mildly. I basically hopped from one park niche to the next… at times to slow, at times to quick, at times I pulled the car over “al improvviso” to suddenly. I was constantly on the hunt for pictures and impressions, I saw people posing in my mind. Aawww, was the only word leaving my mouth for what seemed a loooong time.

I think it would be so much safer to simply do a photo session during the golden hour. So if you are close by or even a little farther away and would love some amazing new pictures. Let me know! Shoot me a mail. Call me. I think I have an idea where to go!!!! ;-)

Now enough of me scaring the death out of the Tuscans last night… I had this idea for a new series. Please tell me if you like it or not (in the comments below). To start the weekend in a worthy way with Relaxed Friday.

Get at least eight hours of beauty sleep. Nine if you're ugly." —Betty White

I wish you a very wonderful weekend and I hope y`all watch the match with me tonight!

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