June 28, 2012

Early morning silence, finally some cool air, we leave our palazzo and set out for the Campo (city piazza). The first morning practicing run of the Palio. I was convinced that at five am, the piazza will be a lonely field… well I did not account the Sienese absolute passion for the biggest event of their year.
As the first round of horses and jockeys exited the city hall, I forgot I was total sleep deprived, I forgot my bed and I heard hooves. Hooves galloping their soothing sound as just horse hooves can make this lovely morning music. I would get up for this moment at really any time in the night.

This was my morning romance, horses, dust, my lens and me.

Luckily the piazza inside was quite empty and I could try all the corners and check out the angles. I realized once more, I am sooo not a sport photographer… just imagine: uhm, could you please go ten steps back and gallop towards me again, yes, right there, hold it… they will stab me for sure. Haha. So I took what I got and ran with it.
~ Enjoy!

* About the prova(try run) from today. This was the first race to choose the horses. There were about sixty horses tested and a lot of important looking people had their notepads out and scribbled their whatsoever’s.

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