June 27, 2012

Along with the most exciting time of the year comes also the time I hate most this year. Which is the time of goodbyes. For many students are already done in Siena and the farewell parties started. After yesterdays get together I just wanted to sit and stare into the skies. I wanted to watch the stars and hold onto our time in this town just a little longer. So of course I did that with my baby at hand. These pictures are not the most beautiful ones, but I like them, because you can look back at time, you can see the stars…

I like this one, because of the two towers, which are really the most beautiful in this town, left the dome, right the city tower…
And you see a hint of me, almost ready to go on.

This was a hundred percent snapshot with a 30 second exposure, for the photogs among you. ;-)

Here are my little private goals for the last weeks in this town:

1)      Keep calm and stop whining
I sadly do that a lot right now, because I am soo sure I will miss Italy once I am back in Germany. But I have to remind myself, even life in Tuscany is not perfect. Ha!

2)      Be thankful
Good one, right? Yes, things simply gain in beauty and value if you give your humble thanks. This is not a mystery but it weighs as much as gold.

3)      Make a small plan for each day
… and follow it. Hihi. Yes I make huge to do lists and then they overwhelm me and I think nothing will work ahhh. No, I need to make small lists, one for each day. Preferable with three things on it.

So one very exciting thing on tomorrow’s tiny list is: go to the first morning race. Tomorrow will race just the horses and the ten best ones will be choosen for the Palio. So I will get up at five in the early beautiful morning and hope the piazza is empty and I can freeze some sportive beauty with my lenses.

Have a beautiful Wednesday night!

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