June 15, 2012

Bavarian Countryside Wedding

I had just been back from my first longer stay in Italy and desperately was in need for a new apartment. I felt like an alien to the new city, to my German fellow students and to be quite honest with you, I did not want to stay in Würzburg (Bavaria). All of that drastically changed as I opened the door to the apartment which soon would be mine. I had been searching for a new room and I found new friends, new people I felt at ease and at home around. She showed me around and beamed her inviting smile at me. All joy, all positive and all initiative. The time I shared with the bride in our cute student home belongs to my favorite memories from this time in my life. We shared long night talks, movie nights and the occasionally glass of wine on the balcony… and very soon there were added stories of a boyfriend who was full of surprises. There is nothing as beautiful as seeing two people growing closer, cherishing each other and falling deeply in love.

Oh, yes, there is in fact, for me at least. It is, being asked to document their love and joy and having the honor of photographing their wedding. Therefore: thank you! Thank you for asking me to be there and share the greater part of your day! It was my pleasure to be able to capture the moments!!

Beautiful First-look moment!

This most amaaaaazing wedding cake was self made! Yes you read that right! Self made by the Mamma of the bride.

You two are sooo freaking beautiful together!

My dear roomy, you look absolutely stunning!!!

I love their model faces!

Have a great weekend!

PS, yes you noticed right, I did not include the sunset session/ stealing the bride pictures yet. They are soo amazing that I will share them in an extra special post next week. So stay tuned.


  1. Absolutely wonderful photos Rici, congratulations!! -:)

  2. Oh my goodness - I love it!!! ...'specially the bride groom :) - Thank you Rici - you`re the best!
    Love Barbara

  3. The Taxi Driver :-)June 18, 2012 at 8:59 AM

    Congrats, Rici! You kept your word!

  4. bravissima

    sono veramente uno spettacolo...