July 26, 2012

Portraitsession ~ Ela

We had just ordered in my favorite restaurant in Siena, the warm evening air brushed against our skin and my friend Louisa turned to me and Ela. But seriously how long do you know each other? Ahm... we stared at each other, starting to count the years in silent... really? I did not quite remember the first time we meet or talked but we came up with... mhh, something like fourteen years... whaaat? We stared at each other in disbelieve and started to giggle again. Yes for these two minutes I felt old, haha. So here you have it: my very last visit in Siena by my childhood friend Ela.
We toured Siena and Rome, had our wonderful long talks and as we came across this tiny street while the good light sneaked along the streets I insisted to do a Mini- Session and catch some of the rose and orange reflection on the cobbled stone. Ela stared at me again, really Rici here? This is a good spot? But look for yourselves and enjoy the beauty!!

I am very happy to have had some minutes to catch these moments with you Ela!
Till soon.

This colorful glow behind Ela was flippin awesome!!!

You are soo beautiful!

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