July 6, 2012

Relaxed Friday

Many times I have hinted at the medieval flair still clinging to this tiny town called Siena. Besides a city wall which is dividing the outer part of the city and an inner, of course more pure, noble part of the city... besides the ancient Contrade (neighborhoods)... even some people behave medieval. As it happened to occur one night, my good friend Alex was walking home. I want to stress the walking. She was not standing under some window and making a whole lot of noise, no she was moving. And just this moment someone threw water out of the window and right on her. I could not believe my ears as she told me what just happened to her! No way! Are you freakin´ kidding me?!?! Are you still throwing water out of your windows? How many years has the pluming be installed around here?!?!
NO this cannot be, however, many Sienese people don´t care about the things which cannot be. 
So here is the second installment of relaxed Friday.

Have a fabulous one!

Read: dry clothes!

And in case something medieval incident happens to you:

So there are sales coming up in Italy and you know what it means! ;-)


the baby of course.


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