July 8, 2012

Sunday´s are ... for the right time

Right after the Palio (horse race) high, for me there came a low. I mean I knew it would happen one of these days. But so strong and so passionate. Oh well. For many of my friends are already done with exams, are about to depart. Home, too far away countries. And this reminds me, that my time in Tuscany, well there is an end, and it´s near.

As I am a hopeless dreamer, I don´t wanna see it. I am lying to time and to days and I am standing in my favorite giardino at night, to oversee the city and I want to freeze the moment in time.
But then a small thought enters my mind.
There is a right time for everything.

And just as there is a time to listen to Robbie Williams, there is a time to stop to listen to Robbie Williams...

There is a time to come to Tuscany and there is a time for leaving Tuscany.
*My own interpretation of Ecclesiastes 3.

Right now, this month, it´s time to move on and conquer new grounds. But I know in my heart: Tuscany I will be back!

Tanti Saluti.

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