July 27, 2012

Relaxed Friday

This week was all about packing, panicking, driving, unpacking, coming home, leaving again and getting settled in.
One thing I instantly appreciated was the German Autobahn! Nothing like it! But staring at the countryside for the better part of a day some days back I realized how organized the fields, trees and even the woods seem. Oh my. It´s going to take some time to arrive fully back in this country of accurateness, but who said it´s gonna be easy. :)

As I left home and prepared for the next wedding (YAY!) Mom came hurrying after me and asked, Do you have enough shoes? Three pairs will do for one day, right? Haha.

So here is a new Relaxed Friday for you!

Me on the first day in Germany:

Always wear your sunglasses!

No better way to clean the terrace:

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hahaha! cute post! I'm sure you're missing our chiavetta internet! how's the come back to Germany? I met Mireia yestarday, it was her birthday!
    As you can see I'm training my english to come to Germany! spero che ci vedremmo!

    un bacioneee

  2. Hey! thank you!! You are doing great with your english!!! Bacione!!!