September 27, 2013

E-session: Christina & Jacob

In my head I was going through the last months of my Bavarian life. Was it true? Was this honestly the first engagement session I ever shot here? Man! I was thrilled as Christina contacted me with her news. Actually cross that out! I was leaping-off-my-chair, dancing-around, doing-Minion-moves-kinda-thrilled! Since Christina is not only a client but first of all a friend, well it took a lot to wait till she got back to Germany and start planning and not to call her directly abroad. She is one of my steady friends and go to´s whenever things get rough and atmosphere feels tooo stuck in the south of Germany. She is one of my international peps. No where settled, everywhere at home. She an Jacob go way back, as in almost a decade of together. Of facing living in different countries spanning all across Europe. Of getting through it all and of always sticking together. My year in Tuscany was their year in London. So this passion for a town on the big isle was a very wonderful theme to plan our shoot around. I was absolutely happy how colorful and happy and lively this time with them turned out to be. 

Thank you for the joy and the trust and the honor of documenting your love! I can´t wait for the wedding next year! Ah, even more of this goodness! <3

Loved the happy colors!

Trying out a new format. What do you think?

Aaand we had a bici from Italia! <3 Which is short for bicicletta= bike.

Sunset glow by the lake. You two are just looking so stunning!
Surely a favorite!

Have a sunny late September weekend!

Tantissimi Salutiiii!