September 12, 2013

Married: Esther & Michael

It started on an ordinary afternoon. A meeting among friends, familiar faces. As Esther had prepared a nice cake and come to the apartment of a friend. This time although was different, since there was a new face among this small group. Soon this new guy turned to be familiar in Esther's weeks and their friendship took a turn to being more than just friends. It turned to familiar, to best friends and companions for life. Michael, I loved to see your gentle way of holding the girl of your dreams. The kindness of your eyes, when you look at her.
Thank you for the honor of sharing most beautiful moments on your wedding day. Thank you for taking me to your special places. To where your friendship turned into being something more. Where dreams about forever have begun. I hope that you love like this forever.

Super gorgeous you two!!

I soo loved the teacups they have brought along!

Gah!! Evening light you enchant me.

 Have a beautiful Day!

~   Saluti.  ~

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