September 4, 2013

Who said cheese cakes have to be sweet? ~ For those who plan

Get inspired ~ 

We sat on the white floor, I had a couple of magazines in my hand. I was visiting and together we browsed ideas. She had gotten engaged just recently and from the tingling, new excitement we were trying to narrow down some ideas. In the process the turned to me and asked, where do you even begin? Where do you look when you want to do things different? Maybe you, dear reader, don´t necessarily need different but simply personal. Something that reflects you and your loved one.
So here are some ideas I came up with.

Where to begin ~ 
One of the things I always ask couples to prepare for an engagement session is: What are things you like to do together? Think about activities which you like to do with your spouse, passions and hobbies you share. Maybe there is a sport you share, a country you both love.
This is usually a great starting point to collect some creativeness around. :)

The search ~
Once you have found a starting point or a theme, a color, a hobby it is really great to dive into online searching. There are literally tons of wedding Blogs out there! So here I will draw on a very limited selection of Blogs I read regularly... if you would like more on the topic, let me know and I can fill a different post with this :)
The first Blog I kindA fell in love with was Green Wedding Shoes. It is full of outfdoorsy love affairs and filled to the brim with DoItYouslef ideas. Another incredibly good source of inspiration is Grey Likes Weddings. It has weddings categorized by colors and themes, do I need to say more? And to round of my almost weekly check list there would be Style me Pretty, a must for chick and stylish ideas all around the biggest day EVER.

Outside of the box ~
Look somewhere else to get inspired ~ just recently I have discovered food photography and there are some very inspiring images floating around on the web. Not only for my own cooking but also for example color scheme inspiration.

Be selective ~  
All these Blogs are great to be inspired but I would also recommend to be careful not to get overwhelmed!
Narrow it down to some ideas you really like and leave the rest in the box pretty to look but not for me.

Of course all of these are just ideas, none of this is a must. Most importantly:  find some things you truly like and are able to work them into your wedding so they enhance your day, not to stress you. I would just so love to see more couples who dare to do the things they truly love. You love fish and chips? Have them at your wedding? You are a morning person? Why not do a breakfast party?
Ok, you got me. Maybe this is just my secret wish list of weddings I would die to photography one day. But just maybe :)

To finish this marvelous day and this cute post:  here are some of the ideas I found on Pinterest, hope you like them.

Be inspired!

Who said cheese cakes have to be sweet? | Seating centered around the couple | Color popping shoes ~ yes please!

Fish and Chips for all.

Font on the isle  |  Bike with flowers  |  Guest book for travelers

Flowers ~ blush  |  Table cards  |  Flowers rosé

Have a creative day!

~    Salutiiii.   ~

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