September 20, 2013

Today I´m grateful for ten tiny toes ~ Newborn portraits

Today I´m grateful for ten tiny toes.
For a warm, cuddly place in a cute apartment.
For two sets of giant hands caring.
For cozy blankets with smiley giraffes on them. 
For a homemade latte macchiato on the bed stand. 
For a sweet welcome scribbled in chalk white on a kitchen board.

Today I´m extra super thankful for the first of my beautiful couples welcoming a new life into this world. 
As Lena & Simeon wrote me the happy mail about their beautiful baby girl having made the journey of her young life, I had to use an extra special amount of happy exclamation marks. Oh sweet life! My first couple with a baby! 

 Welcome into our world Annelie! 

Y´all know how much I love details. So tiny special ones!

 I will not tell you how long I spent staring at all this cuteness yesterday! Oh my word!

  Hello darlin´! This was the cutest glance and also about the only one she granted me.

Thank you Lena & Simeon for inviting me to your place! It was an honour!!!

Have a most beautiful weekend y´all!

~ Salutiiiiiii.

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