September 30, 2013

Happy Monday & a preview

Crisp air, lovely sprinkled sky and woolen socks kinda morning.

This morning I was standing on the balcony... observing the trees below and taking in all the fall colors which have begun to spread across town.
And seeing how this absolutely gorgeous September is coming to an end I remembered Mary´s fall bucket list. I loved the idea, to have a list of things you really wanna do this fall. So good. 

1) gather the peps from Crusade in my town and take an afternoon walk around the city on a Sunday
2) go to the movies, like for real. Haven´t been in ages.
3) buy cute rain boots ~ Germany :/
4) get something Scottish styled, patterned (blanket, scarf, ^boots or hat) 
5) make my own butter bread cookies (Scottish style)
6) go to a country music night with a friend
7) make something with pumpkins, as in cookin´.
* extra item, not realistic, escape to Italia for some days again :)

So what is on your list for this fall?

And since every Blog post is soooo much better with an image... here is a very beautiful preview from my first engagement session in Stuttgart.

Can´t wait to share more of this lovely couple later this week!

Have a beautiful Monday!

~   Saluti.  ~

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