October 14, 2013

For the Monday

This past weekend, for the first time I met a person and this person knew my hair-do from following my Facebook page. This was the very first time something like this happened and I would like to take a quiet moment of delighted celebration. I mean here I am... writing small things on my little Blog and posting a picture every now and then... but that people actually recognize my hair-do! Oh that indeed flatters me. And I´m honestly considering to write a post specifically on this up-do because so many people ask about it. 

But for now, I just wish you a lovely week!

& quietly wonder about what am I supposed to do with more empty weekends ahead of me, since my last wedding of the season is already shot. 
Don´t get me wrong... I had a blast of a weekend. Filled with goodness and joy to the brim of my cup overflowing. 

So here is to more time for editing personal projects & vacation photos, to finally do this DIY project,  to designing my first album... , to drinking more tea with friends tucked away in a cozy, small cafè, to learn to embrace winter in Germany (not sure whether this one is very realistic ;-)... 

Till soon!

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