October 21, 2013

A wish list ~ Dreams are part of the business

Dreams are scary at times. especially the big ones, the ones which excite you to the point you would not tell someone about them. Because, lets say it, they scare the friggin´daylight out of you...

Wedding photography was a dream like this once. I did not tell friends or family as this crazy spark had jumped my mind and lit a fire. I held it to myself, till one day I sat in an attic surrounded by old and new found friends and someone turned to me and said, why not? Why not do it.
Slowly I found courage to say wishes out loud and slowly these dreams were followed by actions. Of course, this was a long road. Months and years had been ticked of the calender.

Reading across the photography bloggosphere I realize, we all have these dreams and some write them out loud. Some share and light new sparks and fires along the way.
AND I understand dreams are part of the business.

This January I contemplated whether to share dreams and goals of my year and I decided against it. Because as I wrote... friggn´daylight scare.
No! Somebody could actually read it and see my failure. 

But today, there is a new list and a new fear and new courage and new excitement. Today I thought about sharing a list of things I would actually really, really like to shoot one day. Some are more realistic than others, of course.
If I don´t get around to it... well, maybe in five years time. Who knows.
So, ready?

~ a mint/ jade colored schemed wedding
~ a horse wedding or better many horse weddings
~ a wedding in Nepal (you know who you are)
~ a wedding on the beach, I have never done a beach wedding and really would love to
~ a wedding on a wooden bridge as in "The Lucky One"...
~ a wedding in Venice
~ in Tuscany, olive trees and such, please!
~ one at Lago di Como... uh all these villas with lake as their backyard 
~ a wedding & bride which has not an all white dress... really would love that
~ a gold / black color schemed wedding
~ a groom with suspenders and an enormous mustache ;)
~ a wedding in Weimar in the midst of Goethe and Schiller
~ a wedding with no wedding cake just cake pops
~ an intimate wedding with just the couple and a handful of peeps
~ a wedding in Scotland, outdoor or castle or cottage ^^
~ a wedding which has s lama or a donkey in it! com´on, it would be fun!
~ a breakfast wedding, or brunch would be fine with me as well ;)
~ a wedding with a midnight ceremony

There you go! All dreams, all swirling around in my head. And there are more to come!

This image was from my first Italian wedding which I photographed with Jan . Certainly a dream come true. Hope there are many more following. :)

Here is to small sparks, dreams lit and passion on fire!

Have a great weekend!

~   Tanti salutii.  ~


  1. Hold fast to dreams
    For if dreams die
    Life is a broken-winged bird
    That cannot fly.
    Hold fast to dreams
    For when dreams go
    Life is a barren field
    Frozen with snow.

    - Langston Hughes -

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