October 25, 2013

Creation of a wedding

A summer wedding many Saturdays ago, swept me away in the most particular manner. Most probably this was because it was this special day of friends. And as friends are sometimes, you are able to witness more and deeper and longer the unfolding joy of the wedding celebration. With Sarah and Seppi´s wedding (which you can enjoy here and here) we were able to stay three entire days at their little village in the north of Germany. Thus included in the colorful preparation, the laughters unfolding, the hugs of friends arriving.
The joy.

I took this opportunity to journal not just with pen in hand but also with my lenses... so. Come along on a small journey!

As every good day starts with a sunrise, this was no different.
A personal favorite moment of mine.

Antique lace ribbons from Sarah´s granny.

Give away´s.

The sweetest and oldest member of the village at her bench while creating the bouquets for the big day. I loved how all were included.

A favorite pre wedding detail.

Lanterns and golden light <3.

Location scouting in the woods... me at work. 

Have the most beautiful weekend!

~    Saluti.  ~

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