October 2, 2013

E-session: Julia & Andre

My Würzburg friends had already noticed it... this summer I spent more weekends in Stuttgart than here. Sometimes even the weeks... and now I´m super duper thrilled to share my very first engagement session from a beautiful evening in the park. So we met up and sat down and only three minutes into the conversation we discovered that we are all from the same part of Germany! Don´t you just love it, when that happens? And then we talked some more and shared. They had met during the first week of starting their studies. Little did he know that this would lead to a not willing to let her go.ever.again. This first week marked the beginning of not only university. Just as they have faced the struggle of a first week, they also came to share a friendship across towns and countries. Finally working and living in the same city, sharing a life and sharing an engagement ring.
Dear Julia & Andre! I had such a blast getting to know you and seeing your happy and wonderful easy-going characters unfold in front of my lens! Thank you for this great time! I so can´t wait for your wedding in an English garden! Kill me! It will be awesomeness!

Gah! Such a favorite! You are so beautiful Julia!
Didn´t I say these two a fun?

I love it when my couples bring along something they share. As in shared love for a place in their heart. Just great!

You can never go wrong with a pair of red shoes! Thank you for bringing these cute ones along! 

Have a beautiful week!

Till soon.
~   Saluti.  ~

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