October 10, 2013

Married: Anita & Daniele

As Jan had written to me about this wedding I squeaked, and danced and I absolutely knew I had to come with him, no matter what. It was a German-Italian wedding! Let me just say: ITALIAN! (please image a high pitched singing voice) Kill me, I had to be there!

Our feet had just touched the ground and our eyes scanned the location, it was obvious. A dream of a location. My excitement grew with every heartbeat. A park, a wood, a garden... all within walking distance of the hotel and church and party location.  In fact my excitement mingled with the nervousness in my stomach of still being new to Jan´s team and the constant fear of dropping one of his wonderful lenses. Yup, this was about the state in which I entered the bridal suite. But the first glimpse of this absolutely gorgeous bride, the first whispered word in Italian and I knew what to do. I was back in the game. This was why I had come. <3. To say this was a perfect wedding day for me is an understatement. I was in my personal photography haven!

Antia & Daniele´s wedding was the perfect feast of love, of passion, of joyful tears brushed away in the mist of people most dear to them. Standing on the balcony in church I had one finger on the trigger and the other close to my Kleenex. I was swept away by the sweetness unfolding in front of my eyes. The way they held each other, the way each promised forever was one to send shivers down my spine... before noticing it I held my breath during their vows. It was just beautiful.
I was astonished on how marvelously these two have faced the day, fearlessly, with joy, always laughing. Despite the dramatic change of weather. Despite the flood rolling into the park in front of the hotel. Yes, the flood came and you have danced away like I have known no other people before. 
Thank you for the incredible honor of having us accompany you! Thank you for the funnest time and for a bit of Italia in Germany. You most certainly made me the happiest photographer around!

Vi auguro il meglio der la vostra insieme!
Grazie di tutto dal profondo del mio cuore! È stato il matrimonio più bello!


While I stayed with the girls, Jan went ahead to the church and to check in on the guys. This is just so great about working as a team :)


Anita, you are such a beautiful bride!

Jan´s angle.

<3 details in lace.

Dear sweet light, you could not have been more perfect.

Such a great idea! A total favorite of this day!!!

Jan´s :)


For this wedding I had the incredible honor of shooting and working together with Jan. Thank you for the generosity and for letting me publish my total favorites!!
Location: Hotel Fürstenhof

Have a great Thursday!

~  Tantissimi Saluti!  ~


  1. Fantastisch, Rici, wundervolle Bilder!

  2. Total schöne Bilder mit einer ganz großartigen Stimmung. Ich liebe den fliegenden Regenschirm und die schwarzweiß Bilder der Braut. Ich liebe ALLE Bilder!!!!