October 3, 2013

Counting till twelve

For today I wanted to share something small and personal and joyous.
It´s German Reunion Day. :)

So ... the usual best way to be grateful is counting my gifts. Here are the highlights from today, jotted down on paper and with ink during my train ride.

Today I´m grateful for ... 

1 ~ a room to the south filled with warm light and laughter.
2 ~  friends squeezed on chairs around, cracking one joke after the other. 
3 ~ plates overflowing with fruit, brought to share on my kitchen table.
4 ~ tons of dirty dishes, because it means they have been used <3
5 ~ helping hands to clean and tidy.
6 ~  arms which offer to carry my suitcase all the four flight of stairs.
7 ~ people who feel so at ease they leave just the minute I slam the door shut and run to catch my train. I just loOove having guests.
8 ~ a seat in the sun for two flying by hours, with paper in hand.
9 ~  a farmer on the fields turning the hay.
10 ~ keys in my pocket to a place which is not mine, but I can always come to when I shoot weddings in Stuttgart. <3
11 ~ parents who have seen  a peaceful revolution unfolding in front of their eyes. Walls being torn down.
12 ~ freedom where it once was unimaginable.

What´s on your list today?

Till soon.

~   Salutii.  ~

PS, and sending out Minion stickers on Facebook message for good mood. Of course.

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