August 23, 2012

For those who plan - Colors

Yesterday I was quite upset. After reading the third photographers blog in a row who had been talking about the beginning of autumn. NOO!! Not yet. Just because Starbucks was about to launch their famous pumpkin spice latte. No thank you, it´s the middle of august! The same yesterday, I was taking Mara for a walk and as we were about to turn into our street I spotted it!

The first tree with yellow, red, orange you name it – autumn leaves. So today I decided there are some things I can´t change, haha, like the change of seasons and the leaves turning all colorful. So I will make the best of it. Here is what I came up with. This post is especially dedicated at these ladies out there who are planning. You know, like planning your big day, as in wedding day. With all the pretty details and eye candies... for me, I go wild for details and nice combinations of colors, so maybe you as well?

I realize that an autumn color inspiration is coming super late for those who plan a wedding this fall, but I know there are some brides still deciding on color schemes and I am so happy to suggest mine to you today!! All the selections are inspired by flowers from our garden and I hope I could inspire some ideas in you! Happy planning!

Candlelight meets Biloba Flower

Rosewood with Raspberry

Maroon Flush meets Deep Sea Green

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  1. jaaaa wanna see more of those colour ideas-very helpful ;-)