August 7, 2012

Married: Lena and Simeon Part II

Finally they are here!! I am soooo excited to share the promised pictures from my shooting with Lena and Simeon! We had the most awesome time as finally the clouds parted. You can see the first post from their wedding right here. After a very spontaneous down poor as we were about to shot the group picture in the afternoon and about one hundred drenched guests I was just about to write off the sunset shoot… really as you may remember from the last wedding, my new favorite way to end a wedding day.

So I can´t quite put into words how I did a mega huge dance inside of me as the dark and dramatic clouds parted just one more time that day! That´s why I choose some new awesome sunset pictures to share this beauty with you!

Lena and Simeon, my favorite time of the day was when you ignored me and just saw each other, your gazes, your looks and tiny gestures were incredible beautiful and I was honored to see that beauty in your relationship! I wish you the best and most exciting start into your marriage!

See that look above, on the right? I adore it!

I don´t quite know why, but I loooove this one!

Aaand, the wedding bus: 

Y´all have a great week!

~     Saluti!     ~

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