August 24, 2012

Relaxed Friday ~ White Tea Drink

It was the evening before I drove to Germany for one of my last weddings. I was running through all of Siena, because I wanted to find a crystal, bling or what ever big chunk manageable, which could reflect some light. I had seen something new in one of my workshops and was desperate to try this reflection thingy. After a good dozens of shops and a handful of very puzzled shop owners I stopped at the second hand store in my street. I had pocked in innumerable amount of times and was happy to see the owners face. As I explained my quest she was she once more looked back helpless. As I told her for what I was needing this weird items she was interested right away. Oh, a photographer! Paolo did you hear that? She turned to her friend sitting on the step to her little shop playing with her daughter. His tiny eyes blinked to me from under a funny hat and they quizzed me about the projects I was doing. 

About ten seconds later I found myself hurrying home to bring some of the requested pictures and two minutes later I was squeezing on some antique children chairs with Anna and Paolo in front of my laptop´s screen. We chatted for a while, passengers, familiar faces of the city, passing by, greeting, some stopping for the latest news. Anna´s kid was stalking in and out of the shop in some other designer high heels every other minute and so the evening began… on some antique shop´s door step, warm sun flooding the street and two faces which now had names to them.

 This is how Friday´s should be!

To make this Friday even sweeter I came up with some new refreshing drink recipe and I really do hope you enjoy it. Or at least it makes your Friday a bit more relaxed. ;-)

This is my White Tea with mango juice drink…
What do we need?

White Tea
Mango juice
Mint from the garden
Ice cubes
One of these funny flat peaches

How to mix?

Let the sweetened tea sit till cold (you could take a dip in your neighbors pool in the meantime), mix half tea half juice. Poor on smashed mint, add ice cubs, cut peaches and decorate…

Have a great weekend!!
~~~   Saluti.   ~~~

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  1. Just loved the images. Thank you, von I really appreciate your effort in this blog.

    Kopi Luwak