August 27, 2012

La Rici ~ Thank you Give away

Dear lovers of beauty!

Dear hopeless dreamers, positive thinkers and beautiful doers!

Dear Friends and Italy lovers!

(I hope all are included in this greeting :)

Yesterday was the day! I´m sooooooo exciteeeed (focus good girl, focus). So yesterday late at night, I was checking back on my blog and going for the statistics as I saw a new magical number on my account!! I am very happy and just kinda psyched to announce the 10.000 visitor has been on the Blog yesterday!

WOW! What a beautiful number!! 

Thank you ever so kindly for all the visits, comments, mails and for staring at the beauty with me. Together.
Since I could not have come here without you! Yes YOU! I think it´s about time to have a mini contest and a La Rici ~ Give away!

If you have been around this blog for a bit you know I am going WILD for Italia and all things Italian. So lets start with my favorite pasta ever. I looooove spaghetti. It´s my daily bred. Ever since I first moved to Italia about four years ago I love pasta and all the wonderful combinations you can cook up with them!  I usually put whatever fresh vegetable is in the fridge on them, a good dose of olive oil and some awesome cheese and I´m ready to go.

What is your favorite pasta???

How can you enter in this contest?

Write a comment below in the comment box and answer the following question:
What is your favorite pasta???

The contest is open till the 28th midnight. And the winner will be announced on the Blog.
To win? A cute La Rici ~ surprise give away.
Something to eat, something Italian ;-)

I am sooo looking forward to hear all about your favorite pasta types.
Tanti Salutiiiii.

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