August 30, 2012

Workshop with DNA photographers

This day! This wonderful day. I had waited for quite some months now. I didn´t know when it would come around and with whom but, I knew I wanted to make it happen this year.
I remember watching one of Justin&Mary´s workshops right after new years and I scribbled in my notebook reaching out to German/European fellow photographers. You know, like getting to know them, meeting them, exchanging experience, chatting on. Till some months ago I was always writing with American artists but since I live on the European continent it was only making sense getting to know some locals. So I was over the moon and super thrilled as yesterday finally rolled around and I made it to Antonia’s and Desmond´s workshop.

I was even happier when I entered the house to be greeted by so much warmth and kindness… heartfelt hugs with people I had never met before. It felt like things finally fell into place. For example Kerstin and Zana had been wonderful encouraging friends on facebook but I had never gotten around to meet them. Then there was a super cute and with much love for details prepared venue and the most amazing, inspiring and at the same time easy going instructors. I had learned a lot, and scribbled new words into a mint notebook, but what I loved most and soaked in most was the company. This tiny, darling group of wonderful artist to share a whole day with and chat about all things on our rumbling minds.

So here are some of my favorites from the day.

~ Enjoy!

Total best finger food ever! They are on the To Do List!!
Some kind of yummy brownie dough pops. OMG!!!
And yes, I do enjoy using exclamation marks!

Desmond preparing for the magic:

Kerstin is on the far right... and let me tell you, even before I met her I decided I like her to pieces! So happy to have finally seen her face to face :)

Our beautiful couple for the shoot:

Behind the lens, you know, all photogs going wild :)

Antonia! I think you are soo gorgeous!

Desmond and Antonia from DNA photographers. They are amazing! Have a look at the page. They have a very inspiring style!

Zana and Anett.

Ligth traveling 

Have a great Thursday.

~   Saluti.   ~

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