August 2, 2012

Married: Lena and Simeon

We were driving down the winding country road and it seemed as if the dark blue and grey clouds hunted us. The sky turned darker and darker, occasional lightings flashing their warning across the heaven. I hastily carried my bags into the house and as we closed the door behind us, thunder had arrived right here. Clouds broke loose and with each giant drop my hope for my beloved outdoor pictures sunk. It was a Saturday morning and a wedding Saturday come with that. Never in my life as a photographer and as a rather frequent guest at weddings had a day begun with a storm like that. No, this was a new first.

This wonderful young and relaxed wedding day was not just for you, Lena and Simeon an adventure! Thank you so very much for asking and entrusting me with the documentation of your love! It has been my pleasure! As I scouted the house and garden for a back up place for the shooting my stomach growled at me nervously and I concentrated on doing one thing after another. You have no clue how happy I was as the clouds parted after Lena´s hair was pinned up and her dress on! This was too good to be!! Not to mention the super fabulous sun set light we were surprised with after another downpour later in the evening.

A day full of unforeseen….

SO, finally here are some of the best pictures from your great day! I have to be honest with you: I had such a hard time narrowing down the best shoots that there will be another Blog post next week!

Enjoy with me all this beauty!

I love this, we just got married look!!!

More to come soon!

Our shooting in the park and more from the VW wedding bus.

Till soon!

~      Saluti.     ~


  1. beautiful. congratulations to the couple and the photographer

  2. marvelous! I like the pictures! Great!

  3. I love that shot of him smiling at her in the middle of their ceremony. Beautiful!