October 5, 2012

Relaxed Friday

It´s October friends!
Today October hit full force. The wind was so stormy that some moments during the evening walk I thought I might be lifted off the ground. Or worse Mara... her long ears dangling dangerously in the wind.

After staring into the fast moving clouds till we all felt dizzy and a new-wave-hair-make-over on my side we climbed down the hill. On my way home I found a walnut tree and thus, oh happy, collected some walnuts. I felt a bit like Scratch (Ice Age) just that I did not hammer my front teeth into the glacier.

Now I wish you the nicest octoberish kind of weekend and hope my walnuts taste good even without being chased across the icebergs.

There are rain coats for everything! :)

and ears, no matter how small your head.

and hats. 

And my last advice for a relaxed Friday.  

Till sooooon.

~ Saluti. ~

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