October 2, 2012

Portrait session ~ Conny

“"The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!”

 Coco Chanel

It was Friday at lunch. We had just giggled over the last joke and munched down some of our thai food, as Conny mentioned this one big fine tree. She had seen it on her way into the city. Sitting on one very green lawn surrounded by just green trees. A super magnificent yellow autumn beauty. As soon as she mentioned it, it sounded like the most perfect place to end our session. We finished our delish rice and strolled through some narrow streets before heading to the park. Oh my heart could not have asked for a better place, a better tree, or better light. It was perfection topped off with a very gorgeous Conny.

Maybe I went a little wild, laughed and galloped (I think running is lame) around her like crazy… till a nearing haymaking machinery (yes) forced me to let Conny know of the vehicle. And she thought I made a joke.
Thank you for this fun afternoon!!

What a great store window!!

Oh good, dear, sweet light! You could not have chosen a better day!

Love this one!!

You are sooo beautiful Conny! Incredible.

Maybe a new favorite, despite the tractor :)

I wish y`all a very nice Tuesday and a most happy German Unity day tomorrow!

~    Salutiii.   ~ 

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