October 3, 2012

It´s morning, I´m on the terrace, sitting on the swing and Mara is curled at my feet, soaking in the soft October sun.

It´s a holiday in Germany, German Unity Day and I love to take this day to remember some things. 
You see twenty three years ago the wall which divided east and west Germany came down and now I just cannot picture my life without all the change the peaceful revolution has brought to Germany. No it´s impossible to imagine our lives without all the freedom we have, all the goods we can purchase. I always enjoy sharing today with people with whom it would have been impossible so many years ago. I mean in a geographical kind of sense. 

So today we have someone new moving in with us. From the highest north of Germany and I can´t wait to have neighbors come over later tonight. To stand around the grill and have those “Thüringer Bratwürste” ~ a typical fried sausage from my region. To chatter the night away, be thankful and toast to a united Germany, freedom to travel, freedom of speech and freedom of believe.

In celebration of today I even painted my nails golden and now I will have a banana. (In former east Germany they were almost never purchasable)

I wish you a happy day. May you have some quite time to share with friends and enjoy the October sun.

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