October 17, 2012

$hitty first days.

Some time ago I wrote about a real cool concept to get started. $hitty  first drafts is for writers who want to get things perfect the very first time. If you follow $hitty  first drafts you just don’t need to get things done right the first time. You write things down however good they might get the first try. And then you write again, and if you are not satisfied you write it again. Today was like this, just as in the whole day was like a first all over again.

I left my quiet family, country life and moved back to the city where I study. Not the one in Tuscany… the one in Bavaria. That is also the reason it was so quite the last days on the Blog and on Facebook. So maybe I forgot to blog ahead and prepare for messy things to come. (cross out the maybe!) I shall better myself.
So today I felt out of place. The usual overwhelming feeling of first days. I felt quiet, shy, insecure… all the good things :) and I felt embarrassed. Of my very loud laugh. You see, if you would meet me in a group of Italian and Spanish friends, I would be the girl with the very thin, shy voice. But here I laugh out loud once and all the heads turn in a silent stare.

But now I sit on my balcony in a very soft octobery-20-degrees-kind-of-sun, I hold my very favorite tea cup in my hand and have some minutes to reflect. This morning the first professor I had, she came close and gave me a big ole welcome hug. (she is allowed to do that, she´s roman) And then we all giggled and laughed as we shared a couple of stories from the year in far, far away. The first friend I met on the way to the university gave me such a warm, long, hug that all the sadness, and shyness and anxiety and tears where squeezed right out of me and my day got better from that moment on. So if I am honest with myself my day was not so bad after all. I have some wonderful friends who don´t stare blank at me if I happen to explode in laughter, they just giggle along.

So here is to readjusting your perspective. First days don’t have to rock or be perfect. Here is to better second and third and so many more days!

Have a great Wednesday!
~   Salutiiiii.   ~

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