October 12, 2012

Behind the lens ~ Whats in my bag?

The raindrops outside my office are quietly sliding down and since some time now I´m marveling about how to start out this post. Today the drops are not banging against the window, they are quiet, almost secretive and I am listening to something… Friday I´m in love and I think I just want to get the  muffins in the oven. Since you know it´s Friday. Which means muffin time. :)

But before I run to the kitchen and enjoy everybody coming home and winding down, I want to share something with you. It´s more like answering some question I have been asked over the last couple of weeks. I freakin´ adore this about the internet. How easily you can shot someone an e-mail  and ask away.

So here I proudly present my mahogany sideboard with all my lens babies:

 ( almost all of them are Nikkor from Nikon lenses )

I hesitated to share this with you, because my inner, small self always compared with all the huge, famous and super cool photographers and whispered back at me, it´s not enough. Your gear is not sufficient. But today I talk back at this voice and I reply it´s not what you want to have or could own but it´s how you use the gear you have. So this is what´s sitting in my sideboard right now. It´s not magic, but it can do pretty cool things.

Favorites first.

My 35mm 1.8 is my total favorite. It is a fixed lens, which means it has no zoom, so you walk back and forth but the light/color quality is WAY better.  It has the best bokeh and I just love using it for all kind of occasions.

The 50mm 1.8 is my portrait lens, also a fixed lens, more walking back and forth. I love how tiny it is. I always think small is better. Don´t underestimate the small guys! It is pretty perfect for portrait time because it has so little distortion. I love that.

Then there would be my 18-200mm which is like an all-rounder. It has this super cool zoom and is rocking during ceremony or candid picture time. If you don´t want anybody to notice you. You bring out that baby. I also use this lens for travelling, because you can use it so universally. It has a total rad function which balances the shaking of your hands so you can still hold it to 1/20 sec and have sharp images (VR, vibration reduction). Only downside it´s super heavy.

Here is my 18-50mm which is the typical starter kit lens. I kept it in my bag, because it´s images are not totally bad and back up lenses are never wrong. So this is for the worst case scenario if something goes wrong with the 50mm or 35mm. 

To round off my cute selection here is my 70-300mm this is for seeing the feathers of the eagle flying one kilometer above of you. No kidding! The zoom is totally insane and you can still see the bling of the bride while photographing from the entrance hall of the largest church in town. Since the VR lens is already pretty good I rarely bring out this darling. But backing up was never a  bad, so it will stay with me. :)

I hope to have answered some of your questions. If you have more questions, any kind of questions feel free to shoot away in the comment section below or write me an e-mail.

Have a very beautiful weekend. Till soon.

~   Saluti.   ~

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  1. I hardly find any use for my 70-300mm. Maybe becouse it's to slow.