October 21, 2012


... are for reflecting on the good stuff.
The last post was like a settle in post I realized now I should really brag about all the wonderful things I love here. Things which are great about being back. Or for my Blog: The good things of being here in the first place. I never have written my Blog from this spot of the earth before. Since I started out writing in November from Tuscany. 

1) People.walk.places. I loved the super crowded city center on Saturday. It was hard to cross the famous, ancient bridge, because of the sheer crowd. Lovely, this makes this place a teeny tiny bit more like messy Italia and I love it.

2) Vineyards paved  all around town. Tons of grapevines in beautiful rows.

3) Beautiful not to high hills all around town (even if they are not shaped as soft and beautiful as Tuscan hills) :)

4) Walking along the river at night, with all the city lights reflecting in the water. Or having a bit of moving water in the city in the first place.

5) Taking my bike to get somewhere is just so simple and easy.

6) Having Sunday to catch up with old friends and grab lunch after church.

7) Being closer to friends who live in Germany, so they can come visit without taking days off work and driving ten hours south.

8) Making cafè in my kitchen with a wooden floor.

9) Having a very wonderful Christ Crusade group right by, to feel at home and welcome.

10) Having a fortress AND (!!) a castle in Würzburg (Bavaria, Germany), wonderful shooting locations and elegant parks attached!

11) I can watch the sunrise and the sunset from my balcony. With my neighbor´s cats company. Friday morning as I stepped out onto the balcony, two very large and inquiring eyes stared surprisingly at me. After two seconds of dead silent, the cat ~ I´m guessing it´s a she ~ turned to the sun once more, to soak in the soft morning rays. And I  did the same.

What does your bragging list look like today?

I wish you the most wonderful new week.

Till soon, Salutiii.

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