October 9, 2012

Portrait session ~ Sarah

Four years ago there was not a single week I did not spent some heart to heart time with her. We saw each other on such a regular basis that it was impossible to imagine our lives without all the sharing and all the giggling. All the late night talks and staring at the stars on our terrace.

This was before my first move to Italia… and now after my second return, we finally were in the same town again. A couple of weeks spread ahead of us, like a soft green field. Time just to us, to meet up, to share as we once did and to put our little heads together to make plans, to dream and to get creative. So Sarah my dear friend is now crafting these incredible cute handbags. And one stormy evening I took her and we walked out on the fields. Just for some tiny moments, before the clouds got too dark. 

So here we were, standing in the wind, sharing and giggling with the only difference that now, I had my camera to document some of the beauty. 

Handbags and shawl : Anderswelt ~ made by Sarah.
Go over there and  check her out!

This is one of my favorite dramatic cherry trees near our home! I so badly wanted to shoot there. Finally a dream come true. :)

I love your smile, Sarah!!

Have a great week y´all!

~   Saluti.   ~

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  1. Aww, and I love u! Thanks for the wonderful time...miss u so much... :*(