January 25, 2016

Fest Versprochen - Monday Post

This weekend I was lucky enough to have a weekend in Stuttgart & a wedding trade show right around the corner from my house. 
So many times my couples have asked me about recommendations for wedding vendors in the Stuttgart area. So many times I had few tips to offer and now was the perfect weekend to change that.

I love helping my couples plan their day & alway offer tips for planning and organisation with excitement. What I love even more is recommending services I myself like (a lot). So I set out with my wonderful couples in mind. Searching for what they need and for what I would like.

The "Fest Versprochen" was just the very perfect spot to start my search for wedding vendors. I have never been to a wedding trade show and it was a sweet start.

The event took place in the "Wagenhallen" on the former grounds of a warehouse which obviously guaranteed a good deal of industrial chic. 

Come along for a tour.

Ariane of Mini Dot designs ring 'boxes'

Wedding planner Natalie with a Alice in Wonderland themed inspiration.

Uniquely designed gowns. Ah, they have captured me for sure.
All gowns by Susan & her team from La Robe Marie
You can find her shop in Munich.

 Stationary design by Anna from La Plus Belle

Stationary & cooperate design by Conny & Johanna from Completely in Marriages.
They were very much fun to chat to & I hope to work together with them soon. 

 My favourite cup cake creator is Mia. I had met her at a wedding of mine past summer. :)

 The collaborate arrangement of La Boum Kollektive totally had me. 
Uhm, yes! This is just what I was dreaming of finding here!
The flowers were done by Regina which had some time to talk. She has a stand every Saturday at the Marienplatz come spring. I truly hope I will find a free Saturday to drop by. Her flowers made me swoon!

I just love gold for details!

 And last but not least the beautiful stationary inspiration by Papier & Feder on my desk this morning. :)

Have the most wonderful & inspired new week!

All links in one place:

Wedding trade show: Fest Versprochen here

Location: Wagenhallen here

Flowers: Blooms here

Gowns: La Robe Marie  here

Ring box: MINI dot here

Wedding Planner: Your Fairytale here

Stationary: Completely in Marriages here, La Plus Belle here, Papier & Feder here, La Boum Kollektiv here

Cup cakes: Mia's Bakery here

PS, maybe you wonder why some have many, others very few images? To be honest the light in the location was very different in many spots. Uhh, sorry.

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  1. Good to see that you have amazing weekend and these pictures are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing your weekend in pictures with us.