January 29, 2016

Golden Woods Wedding

It was pouring down so hard, that I decided to camp out in the car the entire hour before the ceremony would begin. 
I had just checked out the fields & wood near by & jogged back to the tiny vehicle for shelter.

I knew how fond both the bride & groom were of outdoor photos & check the rain radar app for the third time in sixty minutes.
All the way through the emotion-overflowing vows the rain hammered on the roof of the top floor city hall.

Just after those most wonderful words had been pronounced and all the dearest been held close, the sky timidly cleared the way & we began shooting in a damp, soaked, perfect wood. I mean think magical with fairy dust on every tree.
Dear Sarah & Tony, thank you infinitely for asking me to come along! Your emotions, your joy, your love and not to forget your appreciation of taking portraits made it a truly special day. Thank you for coming fearlessly along despite wet & muddy shoes! 

And of course the clouds and humidity. Gosh, how perfect? 
I can´t wait for the big wedding & all the goodness to come your way.

And family formals with their dogs? 
Yes, please!

This moment Sarah saw me eying the tree. She asked, what is it? 
And before I finished the sentence I just thought that light would create a magical backdrop with all the wet branches...
up they were on the broken tree. Before I could say be careful, it might be slippery. ;)

I did not plan for the roadside flowers to match the bouquet. 
But somehow they did. :)

I just love their portraits!

Have a magical weekend ya´ll!

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