January 22, 2016

Valencia - My Winter Travel - Part II

Valencia, one year ago I escaped for some days. Filled with ocean breeze, day time strolls, night time walks, gazing at beauty, meeting with friends, meeting strangers, NewYears with more than six nationalities, songs sung, books read, sunsets and fireplaces.
Thats about it. 

Come along.

Best terrace with a view above Benidorm.

Ocean, sea air every day

And I took my book everywhere...

As in, still working on my thesis.

Meeting up with one of my total favourite Italian girls.

New Years with an incredible, musical and fun international crowd. It seemed like I am the only one not playing an instrument. So I content myself with smiling happily while we all hummed to Beirut music. 

Beach I love you!

Studying some more next to the fireplace at the Grand Cafe Cappuccino at Valencia.

Till soon!
Have a marvellous weekend!

PS, find the first Blog post here.


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