January 5, 2016

Happy New Year

My favourite pug bounced towards me with dog kisses and I heard them talking across the hallway.
I took my coat off and prepared myself to enter into a room of I don´t know how many of my dearest peeps from three to five years ago. I entered and the table was full of my favourite souls. Each one special and dear in a wonderful way. I greeted one by one and held them close. Almost moved to tears by how much goodness and joy a room can hold. Surprisingly everybody was already assembled. It was not that I arrived late, instead we all came a day early. As if on cue to make the most of the time.

My New Years was spent in the south of Germany with a bunch of friends. On New Years we walked around a mountain lake in the alps and I freaked out over the beauty this area held. I was constantly running and jumping across the lanes, branches and among the trees to soak it all in. Always catching up between friends and frames. Hah, the only one running more than me was my pug friend Baron Frederik von Otto der I. There you have it. ;)

The two days filled me with gratitude so overflowing that all the way home I smiled to myself about the wonderful hours I spent. I am deeply grateful for a start like this in my 2016. 
I am looking forward to joy never ending.
Come along for a tiny walk.

Did I say to much?

Do you remember them? Such a wonderful couple!
Thank you for hosting us!

Here is to going the extra climb, 
to seeing the beauty in it all, 
to putting people first, 
to pursuing the beautiful journey of it all.
Here is to a new year of adventures dear friends!

Happy New Year to ya´ll!

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