January 11, 2016

Highs and Lows of Client Meetings - Monday Post

Oh January, you are here full force.
If 2015 was the sunniest year I can remember in Germany... this week is probably the greyest...

I shot my first short wedding of the year today and it happened fifty percent of the time in pouring rain. Yes...
This being said, back to client meetings. ;)

One of the most beautiful client meetings I had this winter was from a couple who was full of interest and asked tons of wonderful questions. Jan and I both got asked how we started with photography while studying something completely different and they wanted to know the stories behind the images. I loved that, a genuine interest in our personalities. It was beyond precious. Not half a day later they called me very excited, asking if I would like to be their photographer. Of course I said yes, their incredible kindness made them already a dream couple of mine.

Same week, one day later I had the shortest client meeting of my career so far. Ending with someone telling me to not be so diligent. Friends, if you read this; I want you to find your dream and work for it. As hard as you wish. Because it is something beautiful! 

And then there was this conversation I had via mail. It was a girl I knew while studying for the first time in Italia. She had started following my blog & Facebook and was completely in love with what I do. 
AND she wanted to get married in Tuscany! Yes, you read that right! A summer wedding on the seaside in Tuscany, Italia. It still makes me sad to write what happened next. 
I was already booked the day of her wedding. Needless to say there where some tears shed.
But, then I trust that other opportunities Italian style will come my way.

So if you want to get married, maybe in the south, lets connect! I am so very much looking forward to hear from you!

I am looking forward to a wonderful new wedding season.
Have a great Monday!!

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