January 14, 2016

Greenhouse Wedding Stuttgart

It was uncommonly deserted at the castle & I had asked the bride again if she wanted to continue shooting. You see, it was three degree on this cloudy morning & I was afraid for her arriving with frozen feet at her ceremony. She smiled and we continued. Dear Marion & Daniel, I admired your wish to get those portraits! And to be quite frank it was totally worth the cold everything! These images turned out to be a total dream in their quiet, charming, fall kind of way! I love truly them! 

This was also the closet wedding I ever shoot to our studio. The church was right down the street and the party location - a greenhouse - was down the street the other way. Would my gear not be so splendidly numerous I could have almost walked to this wedding.

And now to my dear couple, thank you for choosing such wonderful locations! For portraits, for your celebration! You made my day a dream to live and your beautiful love a gem to document. 

No, seriously, can´t even decide which one I like best!

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Have a wonderful day!

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