January 7, 2016

Wedding Shooting with Katharina & Andy

We met at an advanced English Grammar class. Heck that one did not work out for me... as the careful reader will have already noticed. 
Then again, some things work out in different ways. 
For example this lovely lady getting engaged before the last years summer was out. 

 Katharina & Andy are two of the most stylish & classy people I have ever met.  And for all the obvious reasons lace, pearls and a bow tie, is a little party of it´s own to capture. What made it even more fun was all their laughter. Their inside jokes and joy spreading across the room as I met with them during their city hall wedding. I am so looking forward to the big church wedding and your baby come summer!!


Katharina you are so beautiful! 

Loved her hair.

All the best &
till soon :)

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  1. Oh wow, their photos are so adorable!! I am in love with this photo session. Thanks for sharing these pictures here. Well, I also need to hire a talented Port Macquarie Photographer for our engagement shoot. If you have any recommendations for a local photographer then please share!!