February 29, 2016

Staying Home & Traveling - Monday Post

My past weeks joy were a bit different from the usual.

After having traveled to Roma for a real short trip last weekend. I mean short! I had one (!!) bag pack, my body decided it was time for a different kind of break. Since mid week my bed and I had a passionate affair. I only left for tea & more blankets. Ah, here is to roomy´s who bring crackers & make soup! 

On a very exciting note I am right now trying to pack my suitcase once more, answer the last mails, talk to the family & pre blog for Jan & myself. Because, drum roll please... I will head to Lisbon first thing in the morning.
Have you ever been?
What are the best places to hang out? 
Which are your favourite café´s, galleries, tiny streets?

Shoot away and let me know.

So excited to be traveling this March!

Have the most wonderful week, 


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